Best Ways to Book Flights from Mumbai to Goa

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With the digital rise and development of different airlines in India, you can now book your ticket online at home. Everything is online there is no need to visit any airline agent when it comes to booking a flight ticket to anywhere in and out of India.

Therefore, if you are looking to travel from Mumbai to Goa, you can easily key in your search online and browse for the information you want either on Google or the airline website. However, remember to browse in private mode, to keep the airline trackers out of your browser history.

Moreover, traveling by air can be expensive but when you know how the system works in terms of offers, discounts and when the airfares are low. You can easily book a flight to anywhere, on any given day or month.

Here is how you can get cheap flights from Mumbai to Goa.

1.     Book Your Flight on Airline Website

Always book your flights on airline websites to avoid extra expenses, which are often charged by travel booking sites. You can browse on some top airline websites in incognito mode, before making your flight booking.

It is usually cheaper this way and you will not pay even an extra coin for using their website, even after the flight booking, there will be no extra charges, just the airfare fee.

You should note that travel booking sites, have loads of discount and offers that can cheat you into booking a flight with them, but the final bill can really shock you. Therefore, just stick to using airline websites, even if they have fewer offers.

2.     Use Reputable Websites for Your Flight Search and Bookings

The internet is like an ocean, too much information. Therefore, if you want to book a cheap flight ticket from Mumbai to Goa, you can key in the specific keywords and make your searches on the first top five lists of sourced information.

Moreover, make sure that these sites are legit and up to date. There should be no server hanging whatsoever or errors when you key in a word or search for information. This is the only way you can separate reputable informative airlines from the fake ones that want to get your personal information.

3.     Make Your Flight Bookings in Advance

Research has found that flights booked in advance, are often cheaper compared to those booked a few weeks to your travel date. However, the cheap advance period lies within 30-90 days to your actual travel date.

Anything later or earlier is expensive and can burn a hole in your pocket. Nonetheless, you can still check and move your dates up and down depending on different prices of the flight ticket. This always works well with flexible schedules, not fixed ones.

4.     Compare Different Airlines

Loyalty in business is always a loss, as there are always more companies with the same services and goods, which you can buy at an affordable rate. Therefore, do not in any way stick to one airline when traveling in different Indian cities.

You can compare different airlines in terms of schedules, take-off, and landing as well as the routes and airports they operate in, and most importantly their airfare and discounts in the next few months. This will allow you to make an affordable choice for your air travel.

5.     Never Book a Flight on a Weekend

Weekends are usually busy so avoid them for any air travel from Mumbai to Goa. This is because most families with kids tend to travel during the weekend, so do business personnel and entertainers.

However, if it is urgent, then you can book your flight for later in the night, as there would be less commotion and maybe a reduction in airfare. Most people prefer to travel during the day due to the landing time, but if you do not mind landing in at night then go for it. Mumbai to Goa is just 1 hour 15 minutes.

6.     Save Your Flight Bookings for Wednesdays

Weekdays are the best times to travel within any city in India. Besides, not many people travel during these days, except maybe on a Monday and Friday. However, between Tuesday and Thursday, you can get a cheap air ticket. Wednesday is the best.

It seems few people usually travel during the middle of the week, and Wednesday makes a good day to enjoy a trip to Goa from Mumbai. Besides, the offers and discounts often increase during this day and start to escalate the next day going on towards the weekend.

Therefore, if you do not have a busy schedule and are free to travel anyhow then save your flight booking for a Wednesday, night or day.


Do you have any plans to travel from Mumbai to Goa? Then feel free to make use of some of these tips, for your next trip. You will not be disappointed with the level of offers that you can maximize with such flight booking tricks.